Smart Coos for Early Childhood Educators

Closing the grade-level reading gap, from day one.
Connecting educators to early learners, starting at birth.

Connect to your early learners parents

Engage your early learners at home

Provide your early learners with LI



Easily connect educators and families

Smart Coos’ multilingual texting platform easily connects early childcare
providers, teachers and families through text messages.

Web-based Access

Educators use a web-browser on any device,
parents use a phone.

Any Language

You can message and “nudge” any parent, no matter the home language – you text in English and parents text back in their language. We translate it for you. You only see English responses. Families only see responses in their home language. You may also set-up automatic weekly text nudges

Engage Families

Smart Coos’ provides content and interactive videos for you to provide helpful, informational and engaging text nudges to parents.

Listen. No Reading Required.

Not all parents are able to read.
So we make it easy for parents to listen to your text nudges and engage their child.




Quickly engage children in their home language

Smart Coos’ provides engaging content for families to engage, learn, and grow in their home language and English.

Web-based Access

Educators and students use a web-browser
on any device to access Smart Coos’ computer-adaptive assessments.

Interactive Content

Families are provided culturally relevant
interactive computer-adaptive content, in their home language and English – that focuses in
on targeting their individualized linguistic
and content needs.

Comprehensive Data

Smart Coos’s assessments provide teachers with detailed diagnostic and growth data that can be used for instructional planning, standards benchmarking, measuring child’s growth and forecasting child’s performance.

 Home Language Content, Any Language

Smart Coos’ bilingual materials provides you age appropriate content in the child’s home language to engage them in the classroom.

Effectively immerse families in live instruction

Smart Coos’ helps early childcare providers, teachers and organizations close the word and opportunity for each child by providing live instruction


Web-based Access

Parent and child use a web-browser
to access bilingual instruction.

Live Instruction for Bilingual Fluency

Our instructors engage early learners and their parents
with our innovative language curriculum, which includes sign language,designed to help close the achievement gap
and reduce toxic stress.

Interactive Content for Literacy

Parents are provided culturally relevant
interactive content, in their home
language and English – that focuses in
on targeting the individualized linguistic
and content need of their children.


No Language too Small

Our language instructors are bilingual in over 70 languages — whether you have 5 students or 500 students with a shared home language, we have the instructors.


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