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Smart Coos offers fully immersive one-on-one language instruction online by highly qualified language guides. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-mastery learning approach to foster competence, creativity and critical thinking skills. Smart Coos for Home  is for children three-months-old to 13-years-old and their parents. We support parents in their quest of raising a bilingual child by offering the following products and services:
    1. Smart Coos Text Nudges: Two (2) to three (3) per week, parents or guardians receive text nudges with supportive and immersive content based on their child’s learning language.
    2. Smart Coos Bilingual Assessments: Smart Coos Bilingual is designed to complement the skill set of the home language and the learning language.  The bilingual lessons are assigned based on how each child performed on the diagnostic and are presented in four parts: tutorial, guided practice, independent practice and review.
    3. Smart Coos Live Instruction: Students are provided thirty (30) minutes of fully immersive one-on-one bilingual live instruction in the home and target language at home.
  Smart Coos for School  supports (1) parent-teacher communication; (2) provides students with an innovative diagnostic assessment; and (3) engaging instruction in both their home and target language, English in the United States of America.
    1. Smart Coos Multilingual Texts: Educators are able to message students in their home language. Communications will be short messages, such as feedback on progress or upcoming meetings.
    2. Smart Coos Bilingual Assessments: Smart Coos Bilingual is designed to complement what is being taught in the classroom and can be used both at school and at home.  The bilingual lessons are assigned based on how each child performed on the diagnostic and are presented in four parts: tutorial, guided practice, independent practice and review.
    3. Smart Coos Live Instruction: Students are provided thirty (30) minutes of bilingual live instruction in the home and target language at school.


The interview happens on our portal at smartcoos.com .  After you reserve your interview slot, you can enter the classroom one hour before the interview time to test your equipment.

Make sure you test your equipment beforehand, as we are also evaluating your equipment to see if your internet connection is able to maintain a 30-min smooth connection with our servers.

The interview and demo session is critical as it is one of few factors we rely on as to whether you will be accepted to work with Smart Coos. It will also influence your base payment.

You will need to show:

  1. how well you are able to explain activities to an entering level student;
  2. how you are able to elicit complete answers from the student;
  3. your language teaching skills;
  4. your time management; and
  5. your technical skills, such as managing slide presentations.


Each session is guaranteed 25 minutes of active teaching time. After that, language guides are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes to leave comments. The total time commitment is 30 minutes per class, not including preparation time. 3 minutes are allowed for possible tech problems before a class is cancelled.

Language guides must enter their weekly availability two months in advance. Language guides’  weekly schedules are sent out each Friday at 10AM EST. Language guides are booked for sessions at least 24 hours in advance. Smart Coos encourages all language guides to check their e-mails and schedules in the system daily.


We understand that it’s difficult to outline your schedule two months out – this is why we recommend that you modify your schedule at least two weeks in advance if something arises.

In order to maximize the number of sessions reserved, we recommend that you be available at least 7.5 hours (15 time slots per week at 30 minutes per time slot) during New York peak times. The following tends to be the most requested time periods based on New York time: Monday-Friday 3-11.30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am–11.30 pm.

Language guides are not required to work full shifts – however, having availability during the times mentioned above could ensure a higher possibility of being reserved by our students.

Smart Coos sets no limit on how many hours a language guide teaches during peak and non-peak time. Language guides have 100% control over their schedule. However, non-peak times are not as popular for our students as some may not be available for sessions.

Also, please be advised that it can take up to a month to get a relatively steady stream of sessions, as students and parents get to know and try new language guides. Smart Coos makes no guarantee that a language guide will have a steady stream of sessions.

Becoming a Language Guide

Smart Coos for Home sessions are one-on-one.

Smart Coos for School sessions are group sessions, students are grouped based on the learning and home language.


No. Smart Coos curriculum team has designed materials for every class. However, language guides must prepare for class by reviewing the session materials and assessment results beforehand. Language guides may preview class materials in the classroom on the teacher portal 8-14 hours in advance.

No. Smart Coos customer satisfaction staff will communicate with parents.
No. Language guides teach any student who reservations their class.

Smart Coos. We have developed our own education platform to facilitate our one-on-one and group sessions.


As an independent contractor, your payment or “service fee” is calculated on a per-class basis (scheduled in 30-minute slots) and is composed of a minimum pay between $7-9 + incentives.

Your minimum pay will be determined by your demo session performance, while incentives by your monthly session participation and on-going training as Smart Coos language guide.

Smart Coos language guides are independent contractors and responsible for their own taxes in accordance with their individual tax jurisdictions and state laws, if applicable.

Language guides are paid through direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of each month.

Language guides are evaluated for a raise at the point of each contract renewal.

Smart Coos signs 6-month contracts with applicants who pass their screening process. Please inform Smart Coos 3 weeks prior to taking time off during your 6-month contract.

Getting Started

Yes. Smart Coos’ very strict on applicants’ education level and requires applicants to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. We require this because our customers care about our Language Guides’ education level. Parents and educators trust we have Language Guides that meet meet a minimum criteria. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants without a college degree.

Our platform enables remote work, and is stable in most parts of the world. We can work with most language guides who are able to meet all of the technical requirements and are  located in Canada, Haiti, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, the United States of America, East and Southeast Asia.

1. Submission of  application + resume + 90-second video: Complete your application, upload your resume and 90 -second video for screening of basic requirements and teaching skills. The video should reflect your fluency in at least two languages and your teaching personality with students.

2. Interview + Demo ClassJoin us for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a Smart Coos recruiter.

3. Short Training Introduction to Teaching with Smart CoosWatch videos to learn about the Smart Coos technology, standards and curriculum.

4. Mock class: Practice teaching a full-length class with one of our Smart Coos language guides and child.

5. Sign Contract and Upload DocsSend us your information so we can create a profile for our Smart Coos students and their parents to get to know and reserve  a session with you.

6. Official Smart Coos Language GuidePut your time slots on your portal so that Smart Coos students can start reserving sessions with you. 

7. Six months of on-going Smart Coos Training: Smart Coos incorporates key language learning methods for its students. As a result all language guides receive on-going training, in: American Sign Language, total physical response resources and other resources for effective language teaching.

Try the following:

1. Refresh the page.

2. Clear your web browser cache.

3.  Try to connect to the internet from another server or computer.

4.  If none of the above works, e-mail us your IP address with a screenshot of your browser to hi@smartcoos.com

Interview slots are available 5 days in advance. In case you are unable to have your interview during the available times, check back as slots are updated often.

Interview slots are limited, make sure you attend the interview you schedule.

We require a 6-month minimum commitment from our applicants. The contract may be renewed.

Please send us your (1) IP address and (2) take a screenshot of the problem you are having and (3) email us at hi@smartcoos.com

1. A computer (desktop or a laptop only for live sessions) with a webcam.

2. A headset with microphone

3. Firefox browser

4. High-speed internet

Other technical requirements may be found here.

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