Your session details are below. To have a fantastic session:

  1. < 15-minutes before the session: ensure that your computer, audio, and internet connection are working smoothly. Also, have a clean and quiet background.
  2. < 10-minutes before each session: review the content and the users results on assessments (if any).
  3. < 5-minutes before each session: open all tabs on your browser that you plan on relying on during the session.
  4. < 3-minutes before each session: click on “loom” to start recording each session.
  5.  Select the appropriate link below to log into your session room. Each session is 25-minutes long.
  6. After the session: remember to complete the feedback form!


Session Details:

A. Upcoming Sessions

Language Guide: Fadia

Language: French

Day / time: Monday April 10, 8:00 p.m EST

User: YHayden

Session URL:

Feedback: LG Session Feedback


B. Past Sessions