As school closures increase nationwide due to the spread of coronavirus, affecting millions of students with the numbers growing by the day, there is an unprecedented need for supporting our teachers, children, and families in learning. The Smart Coos team […]


  Memory Game – does not work Summary  – does not work Speak the Words Set – works Find Multiple Hotspots – works Drag and Drop – works

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE GAMES & ACTIVITIES Drag the signs to the appropriate color. ENGLISH LANGUAGE GAMES & ACTIVITIES Listen to the audio and drag the appropriate animal to the center. Drag the words to the relevant part of the face.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS Welcome to SmartCoos!, Inc., a Delaware corporation (referred to as “Company”, “we” or “us”), provides the Website located at, and the mobile app (collectively, the “Website”), subject to your compliance with all the […]

The Gift of Language The perfect gift the kids will never outgrow!       Terms & Conditions: All sessions are 30-minutes. Once you have booked your session, we require 24-hour cancellation notice for all sessions or these sessions will […]

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